Sample Rental Agreement

Sample Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement between Land Owner and Hot Dog Cart Vendor

Date: _________________

ABC Business Complex

6789 Commerce Way

Hungrytown, OH


(123) 456-0987


This is a letter of agreement between Don Intime, property manager of the ABC Business Complex, and Robert Dogleash, owner of Bob’s Dogs Vending Co., to rent on a monthly basis 2 adjacent parking spaces in the north end parking lot for the purpose of operating a hotdog vending cart during business hours Monday to Friday each week. ABC Business Complex will also allow Bob’s Dogs access to an outdoor electrical supply outlet to furnish 120 volt power to the vendor cart using an approved outdoor extension cord.

The lease amount will be $750.00 monthly paid at the beginning of each month.

The lease will be in effect for one year from the above date and begin when Bob’s Dogs first commences business pending delivery of the vendor cart from the manufacturer. The lease may be terminated at any time due to non-payment, non-compliance, violation of local safety codes, or with 30 days notice from either party.

Signed and Agreed by:


Don Intime, Property Manager, ABC Business Complex


Robert Dogleash, Owner, Bob’s Dogs Vending Co.



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