Willy Dog was founded by and continues to be operated by people who know the business inside out. CEO & Top Dog Will Hodgskiss started as an owner/operator of a single hot dog cart and from there he grew Willy Dog into a franchise chain with franchisees across the globe. In 2009, his daughter Niki Hodgskiss started her own food cart business, and operated a busy summer location for 4 years while she finished university and before joining the WD manufacturing team in 2013.

Since the mid 90s, Willy Dog has built thousands of custom food carts for new and experienced business owners alike. We have a passion for the industry that has developed over years of hands-on experience.

Willy Dog Hot Dog Carts manufactures hundreds of custom hot dog carts every year in a 32 000 Sq. Ft manufacturing facility. Each cart is built to order and according to your specs. You can trust that when you order your own hot dog cart through from Willy Dog, we will treat your cart like it is our own.

We welcome you to call us any day of the week if you have questions, or just want to talk about the cart world in general!

“ We have a passion for the industry that has developed over years of hands-on experience. ”



Is this the first step to starting a new business and new career, or are you a seasoned hot dog cart veteran? Either way, you are in good hands. We bring years of personal experience in the street food industry, and we want to help you start a hot dog cart business. You will get personalized service from our team in all areas of your investment. We can help you with all this and more:

Choosing your Cart

How do you know which hot dog cart is best for you? Price, location, sales volume and more all play a factor in making this crucial business decision. We can help you narrow it down.

Navigating Health Regulations

Do you need 3 sinks or 4? A propane water heater? Or maybe an electric fridge? We will review your local health department requirements to ensure your cart effortlessly passes all health inspections.

Online Support 24/7

Want a little help? We have tons of resources for starting a hot dog cart. Review our guide on how to write a business plan or watch videos on the cart you like to familiarize yourself with the equipment.


We decided to go for it and become first-time business owners and open a “Hot Dog Business” in the San Francisco Premium Outlet Mall! Willy’s built us a custom “Hummer Cart” specifically to our needs, and it is perfect!

Robert & Charon VisserTay dogs of Perth Ontario

“We had a great second season and for our efforts we received this award. We just want to say thank you for with out this great cart we would have never received it. Thanks again.”