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About The Information Provided Here

The information regarding hot dog carts presented in this hot dog cart business guide is intended as suggestions only. It does not in any sense guarantee the success of your hot dog cart business.

This information is presented to assist you where possible with the start-up and operation of a new American hot dog cart business. (Note that requirements and practices may vary in other parts of the world.) We want you to have a happy and profitable experience using your Willy Dogs hot dog cart.

The information and examples are offered at no cost to you to help you reduce the time, complexity, and workload associated with the start-up and day-to-day operation of your hot dog cart. It is intended to help you with finding out and dealing with the various business laws and health codes applicable to hot dog carts.

Willy Dogs is not responsible for the completeness of the content of these suggestions, the extent that you apply these suggestions, or your success in meeting all the possible laws or codes for any business or location.

The operational guidelines are general practices in the American hot dog cart industry. It should be understood that health codes and business regulations vary from place to place and it is the sole responsibility of each business owner to ensure that all the business laws and health codes are met for his/her individual location and circumstance.

Hot dog cart operators in California must follow the new guidelines of the California Retail Food Code instituted in July of 2007.



We bring decades of real-life hot dog hot dog slingin’ experience! We design carts that we have loved and used for years and are confident you will feel the same way.  


Each cart is assembled by our team of skilled craftspeople and thoroughly inspected before it leaves our manufacturing facility. 



We are available 24/7 to support you in your new business venture. Our warranty / extended warranty are the best in the business and will give you the extra security you may need when making this exciting investment.

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