Employee Rules of Conduct

Employee Rules of Conduct

  • Employees must arrive at work on time and ready for work.
  • Employees must arrive at Vendor location according to the prescribed schedule.
  • Employees must conform to the Vendor Cart Dress and Deportment Code.
  • Employees must read and conform to the guidelines provided for workers in the food service industry including instructions on personal washing, cleaning equipment, and handling food.
  • Employees must be able to safely and efficiently operate all of the equipment used in the operation of a hot dog cart. Employees must be able to provide proper food services to customers in a timely and profitable manner.
  • Employees must always convey a friendly positive professional attitude especially when dealing with customers.
  • Employees conduct, hygiene and dress must always conform to the standards required of the local Department of Health for the Food service industry.
  • Non-employees are not allowed behind the cart. Non-employees are not allowed to operate any equipment.
  • Employees must be able to consistently and accurately charge customers the correct amount for the items purchased and give back the correct change.
  • All monies collected from sales will be deposited into the cash box at the end of each working day or shift.
  • All monies collected from sales will be counted and logged at the end of each working day or shift. An inventory of remaining foodstuffs will also be counted at this time. Any reasons for discrepancies should be noted in writing at this time.
  • Employees will not borrow from the company cash box.
  • Employees will not sell any unauthorized products of their own from the food cart or on company time.
  • Employees will conform to the posted menu prices and will not extend special pricing to any friends, relatives, customers or themselves unless authorized by the company owner or supervisor.
  • Employees are required to maintain business confidentiality. Employees are not to discuss details of our business with non-employees such as sales volume, product costs, sources of supply, location or event plans, etc.
  • Any thefts of products or money will result in the employee’s immediate work termination and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Any departure from the above guidelines may result in the employee’s immediate work termination.

This instruction guide is binding and is to be read and signed by each vendor cart employee and kept on record by the company owner.


Employee Signature: _______________

Employer Signature: _______________

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