Negotiating for a Location

How to Negotiate for a Location with a Landlord

Take into consideration the fact that the modest quantity of rent that you will produce will not be the Landlord’s primary concern or motivator. His primary focus is on his own core line of business, which he owns. If he is a property manager in charge of a shopping center or a business complex, he will be concerned about how your business and your hot dog cart location will affect the other tenants in the complex or the plaza. For example, a large store owner will be concerned about how your company’s reputation will reflect on his store’s reputation and how it would affect his consumer traffic.

Do not even bring up the rent subject, because it will just make matters worse. If the matter of money is going to be brought up, he should be the one to bring it up first.

Ways to persuade your potential landlord

To begin, describe the advantages that your hot dog cart will bring to his firm. Make sure he understands the following:

  • Your WillyDog cart will bring in more customers to his establishment.
  • Your WillyDog cart will not compete with existing businesses but rather will enrich them by providing more choice.
  • Employee and customer morale will improve as a result of your WillyDog cart.
  • Your WillyDog cart will prevent his employees from leaving the area for lunch or taking excessively extended lunch breaks.
  • Your WillyDog cart is visually appealing and might be utilized in promotional advertisements.

Impress the Landlord by doing the following:

In addition, explain how you propose to operate your hot dog cart in a way that will benefit his company environment. Include the following information:

  • You will drive your WillyDog cart in a professional and safe manner. a. (meeting all health guidelines, snappy uniform, area clean-up, etc.).
  • You will foster a positive environment that will be beneficial to his company as a result of your efforts.
  • You have the ability to be adaptable and moderate in your dealings with others.
  • You should show the Landlord your Business License and Health Department Permit to demonstrate that you are a professional food service.

Share your company’s employee codes of behavior policy and vendor cart dress and deportment policy, as these will soothe his concerns and increase his trust in you as an established business vendor.

Bring a picture of the WillyDog cart you intend to use, as well as the specifications and features of the cart, to your landlord’s attention.

Demonstrate your abilities as a successful businessperson by doing the following:

  • Negotiate in person if possible. Dress in a professional manner. Put on your best outfit. The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated.
  • Men should be clean-shaven at all times. Make an effort to dress professionally, with a tie.
  • The same is true for women, who should dress professionally rather than in casual or exposing clothing.
  • Show him your handbook on employee standards of conduct, if you have one.

Practice your presentation so that you will be able to deal with any concerns in a professional manner.

Other considerations are as follows:

  • Learn everything you can about him, including the location and quantity of space you will utilize, AC power, hours of operation, and everything else you may require for your business to be successful.
  • Make a copy of the rental agreement and hand it to him so he can sign it.
  • The amount of rent charged per month should not be more than two days’ worth of gross sales.
  • The amount of rent charged for special events should not exceed 15 percent of total sales.
  • Allowing your landlord to control your working hours is not a good idea.

Hot Dog Cart Location

The time you spend on the above steps will pay off very quickly and will set the foundation for a profitable relationship in the future.  A good location will mean spending less on advertising.  Much less!  Think of the above work as a foundational investment in your success.  It doesn’t matter what your opinion of the Landlord is.  See things from his point of view and be a good partner.  Use discernment and good judgment and never let your emotions get the better of you.  Business is about profitable cooperation.  Consider your Landlord a primary investor in your success!



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