Sample Commissary Agreement

Sample Commissary Agreement

Letter of Agreement between Commissary and Hot Dog Cart Vendor

Date: _________________


This is a letter of agreement between John Delicious, owner of John’s Deli, and Robert Dogleash, owner of Bob’s Dogs Vending Co., to lease the use of the refrigerated storage area of John’s Deli.

John’s Deli agrees to set aside room for the estimated 3 day supply of meat for Bob’s Dogs and to allow these supplies to be delivered here. John’s Deli will also supply daily to Bob’s Dogs the estimated daily supply of grated cheese, chopped onions, chili, and cole slaw at the agreed upon prices and amounts as shown below.

Grated cheese 5 lbs / day $2.50/lb

Chopped Onions 5 lbs / day $ 2.50/lb

Chili 5 lbs / day $ 2.50/lb

Cole Slaw 10 lbs / day $ 2.50/lb

The lease amount will be $500.00 monthly paid at the beginning of each month. The food items supplied will billed weekly and payable upon receipt of invoice.

The lease will be in effect for one year from the above date and begin when the first supplies are received on site at John’s Deli. The lease may be terminated at any time due to non-payment, non-compliance, or with 30 days notice from either party.

Signed and Agreed by:

John Delicious, John’s Deli

Robert Dogleash, Bob’s Dogs Vending Co.



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