The Hot Dog Cart Business Manual

1) About The Information Provided Here
a) Getting a Business License
b) Getting the Financing Arranged
 -  1) Sample Business Plan
 -  2) Start Up Expenses Worksheet
 -  3) Sample Commissary Agreement
 -  4) Sample Rental Agreement
 -  5) Negotiating for a Location
 -  6) Day to Day Bookkeeping
 -  7a) Sample Inventory Form
 -  7b) Sample Statement Form
 -  7c) Sample Day End Inventory Summary
c) Getting Health Dept. Approvals
 -  1) Health Dept. Links
 -  2) Health Guidelines
d) Searching for a Location
 -  1) Location Ideas
 -  2) How to Select a Location
e) Searching for Suppliers
 -  1) Sample Inventory Reorder Form
 -  2) Supplies List
 -  3) Food Suppliers
f) Regular Schedule & Events Calendar
 -  1) Special Events List
g) Selecting Your Cart
h) Transportation
i) Management Guide
 -  1) Employer's Guide to Employees
 -  2) Dress, Deportment & Hygiene Code
 -  3) Employee Rules of Conduct
 -  4) Employee Warning Notice
 -  5) Employee Termination Notice
j) Hotdog Cart Operations and Maintenance Manual
 -  1) Daily Check List
 -  2) Inventory Reorder Form
 -  3) Sample Menu
k) Frequently Asked Questions
 -  1) Health Department Questions
l) Marketing and Selling
 -  1) The Psychology of Selling
 -  2) Advertising and Promotion Ideas
 -  3) Sample Promo Flyer
 -  4) Recipes
m) Tips for Success

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Willy dogs Hot Dog Carts build carts for any location and any type of business. Since 1989, we have been proving our experience in building and designing Vending Carts, Hot Dog Carts, and Concession Carts. We have a cart to suit everyone. Our complete stand in, self-contained carts and Hot Dog Carts have had great reviews. We put our experience and industry knowledge into every hot dog cart we build.

The high quality construction and our guarantee, make US Hot Dog the choice for hot dog cart vending. Our mobile concession carts and hotdog carts are ready for easy safe towing using almost any vehicle. You can even push most of our Hot Dog Carts by hand. Our Hot Dog Carts are completely self contained with hot and cold running water and are powered by clean-burning propane. Our castor carts and coffee specialty carts are built to can be custom designed and are available in a variety of standard sizes for use in busy Casinos or Hotels.

We custom build vending carts and stand in carts for all applications and welcome specialized design requests. We meet or exceed all health codes, but it is up to you to make sure that you have checked with your local health department to ensure that the hot dog cart you have ordered meets requirements for your area.

Our Steamer Carts are available for a variety of foods. The majority of carts are being used as hotdogs carts, but can be used to boil or steam anything. If you need versatility in your product line, we have developed specialized carts that can be changed to a steamer cart, a BBQ grill cart or a combination of both.

We are a true manufacturer of quality Hot Dog Carts and food carts for all purposes.

Our Hot Dog Carts and Steamer Carts start with a sturdy steel frame dressed in stainless steel. Whether you are looking for a mobile hot dog cart or a push steamer cart, we are able to surface mount any stock equipment, as well as, build equipment directly into the body of your cart. We can produce any form of custom equipment such as in deck propane steamers & charbroilers.

If it's quality for a price you're after, please make us your first and last choice.


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