A Quick Glance at the difference between the New Yorker Hot Dog Cart and the Hummer Hotdog Cart

New York Hot Dog Cart

A Quick Glance at the difference between the New Yorker Hot Dog Cart and the Hummer Hotdog Cart

The New Yorker and Hummer Hot Dog Carts are two of our most popular models. While each cart has some similar standard features, there are some major differences to consider before deciding which cart is best for you.


For example, both hot dog carts are DOT approved with ½ ton suspension.  Brake and signal lights installed, an 18-gauge stainless steel body with highway tires, and a locking caster wheel.  Lockable suitcase latches, 3 small sinks with a swivel faucet, a 5-gallon fresh water tank along with a 7-gallon waste tank.  With our hot dog carts, you will get two propane tank baskets, a two-stage gas regulator, and a 6.5’ high wind heavy-duty vinyl red & yellow umbrella.

Both the New Yorker and Hummer have sinks on the right side of the food cart and the condiment shelf on the left side of the food cart.


There are some key differences between the carts. The Hummer hotdog cart is an all-around larger cart. In fact, it is almost twice as large! It comes with five 1/3 size steam pans with two burners as opposed to the three ¼ sized pans over one burner in the New Yorker. The Hummer is considered our highest-volume cart. The cooler is also much larger at 70 quarts (100 sodas) as opposed to 48 quarts (63 sodas).

All of our carts are covered by a full 1-year warranty on parts and labor.  If you wish to extend your warranty, $350 will add an additional two years. Many of our customers appreciate the extra security that the extended warranty brings them. No matter what warranty you have, we will always answer your calls!

When starting out and money is tight, it is always nice to get more for your money and know that you won’t be needing an upgrade a month or two from now. Both the Hummer and New Yorker hot dog carts are fantastic models, depending on your budget and vending needs. Do you have a favorite hot dog cart? Tell us what you like about it in the comments!


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