Hot Dog Cart Concepts to Consider: Korean Cuisine

Korean style corn dog

Hot Dog Cart Concepts to Consider: Korean Cuisine

Korean food is a popular and delicious restaurant-style in every country where it’s served. It has turned into a global phenomenon since the start of the 21st century, penetrating pop culture like music, television, film, and recently, food! The influx of Korean Television Shows streaming all over the internet has opened our eyes to Korean culture. As we become aware of the existence of a country on the other side of the world, we become more and more curious about their culture and values. A Korean Concept for hot dog cart recipes in North America is something new and will indeed spark curiosity. Here are a few ideas for menu items that are a must-have for a Korean-themed hot dog cart!

Corn Dog

Korean Corn Dogs are a step beyond the traditional corn dogs we have in North America. The filling consists of a combination of hotdogs, mozzarella cheese, and a glutinous rice cake pierced through a stick. It is then dipped in an extremely sticky batter made mainly of potato starch, cornmeal, sugar, salt, and baking powder that fluffs up when deep-fried. There are other corn dog variations wherein the batter is dipped in crushed ramen noodles or cubes of fried potatoes. Korean Corn dogs are famous for their sweet and savory taste, a common feature in Korean cuisine. Sprinkled with sugar and drizzled with condiments like ketchup, honey mustard, and mayonnaise.

Korean Style Burgers

It’s similar to the burgers we have in the west, but with a twist. Its fillings include an egg omelet with various thinly sliced vegetables like scallions, carrots, and cabbage. There’s also a sweet and tangy slice of Korean Ham, further topped with a potato pancake which looks a lot similar to a traditional ground beef burger. The base is then added with fresh and crisp cabbage and mayonnaise mixture, cucumbers, and ketchup loads. It’s a menu item that hits closer to home since it’s practically a burger with a different filling.

Why should you even consider Korean Cuisine as a hot dog cart concept?

Korean food leaves an unforgettable taste profile to those who dare try it. It’s something that you can eat every day without becoming tired of it. It’s healthy because it’s packed with many vegetables, and you can buy the ingredients in Asian grocery stores or the farmers’ market.

Korean Cuisine is a competitive, interesting, and workable hot dog cart concept that will blow your patrons away! It’s a promising concept that you should consider exploring because there aren’t a lot of Korean hot dog cart, and this is the time to explore the possibility. If you are a chef, you can do a Korean fusion concept that will appeal to western tastes. It’s totally up to you!


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