5 Things you need to check to ensure that your cart is in tip-top shape

5 Things you need to check to ensure that your cart is in tip-top shape

Routine checks and regular maintenance on your hot dog cart are as important as maintenance checks for your personal vehicle.  The longer your hot dog cart requires maintenance, the more money you lose unable to work.

Do a walk-around

Having a daily walk-around routine to check on your cart is crucial.

Wheels and Tires

Inspect the tires for signs of wear and make sure they have the proper compressed air. A mechanic should inspect the wheel bearings at least once every six months. When the treads on the tires become worn, they need to should be replaced.


Make sure that all of the trailer indicators (braking, running, and turning) are operational. Always keep a spare pair of light bulbs available for emergencies.


Examine the electrical lines from the tow vehicle’s headlights to the trailer’s lights and back again. Most of these cables are prone to degradation due to wear. Lines that exit the trunk of an automobile and the areas where wires touch one other while traveling through channeling. Covering the wire insulation with a flexible wire conduit or electrical tape is recommended.

Check for corrosion in electrical connectors. Hot dog carts are frequently washed, and the electrical connectors are particularly susceptible to corrosion in a Canadian environment.

The electrical system fails due to wear or corrosion if not correctly maintained. A short circuit might cause the fuses in the tow vehicle to explode and the trailer electrical converter destroyed in the tow or trailer vehicle; lights will be nonfunctional. A short circuit caused by a faulty wire or a faulty connector will result in the lights not working, which is a severe issue regarding traffic safety.

Gas Tanks

Ensure that the propane tanks, propane gas appliances and, equipment are in proper operating order and are safe to use. Check the propane tanks and pipes for damage. Water pipes should be checked for wear and replaced if necessary. It is not recommended that you attempt to repair hoses on your own or use electrical or duct tape to seal over leaks in the pipe. When a problem with a gas appliance is suspected, it should be replaced or repaired by a licensed professional. Do not put off repairs. Inspect gas hose connections to ensure that they are secure and won’t come undone.

Inspect the propane tanks to ensure they are securely fastened in line and do not shift during transportation. Be sure that all doors are closed and LOCKED. It is highly recommended that you use a factory-supplied tight-fitting cover to protect your vehicle from contamination and rain while traveling.


Being able to spot potential problems regarding your hot dog cart means you will not lose days or weeks in sales waiting on parts and repairs.

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