Hot Dog Cart Employee Conduct Rules – PART 2

rules of conduct

Hot Dog Cart Employee Conduct Rules – PART 2

Continuing from the Employee Rules of Conduct for Hot Dog Cart: PART 1

Make sure you wash your hands often

Wash your hands well before touching food or getting near customers. Although this may seem obvious, entrepreneurs know how easy it can be to rush through tasks. Many people don’t wash their hands after returning from the bathroom or walking down the street. You can protect your business and your customers by practicing good hygiene at all times. Smile! Customers will buy more from people who are friendly than those who seem upset.

Make sure you wash your clothes regularly

When you arrive at work, make sure your clothes are clean. It’s not essential to wear a suit. However, it is important that your clothes don’t look worn out for more than a week. You should be aware of any stains and holes in your clothes when working outdoors. Make sure you have an apron or smock to cover them. Customers will see your items and may touch them. Make sure you change into clean clothes before you go home at night to prevent germs and dirt from entering your home.

Keep your workspace clean.

We serve hot dogs, but not filet mignon. However, it is important to maintain a clean work environment. It means that you must put things back where they belong, and keep your work area clean. There would be plenty of items that could cause problems if they were left out open for inspection, such as spills, flies, and trash. Maintaining a clean workspace is a great way to project professionalism. Do not let any distractions keep you from doing your job well. Remember that you are part of a team that works together to offer customers a great shopping experience. Cleanliness is a sign of attention to detail.

Customers and employees must be treated with respect by employees.

Friendly employees create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. A positive attitude is a key to success in business. It can also help you feel positive about your work. You might be thinking, “I don’t want to smile!” I’m not a fake corporate robot! It is OK to have negative thoughts about your career or job, but they shouldn’t dictate how you interact with customers. If you’ve been in a car accident while driving to work, but still have to serve customers, smile at them as you approach them and acknowledge their presence. Customers who are friendly will be more inclined to order food from you again and come back for more at your next event than ordering from another vendor.

The cart is not permitted to be driven by non-employees. It is not permissible for non-employees to operate any equipment.

No one is allowed to operate any equipment. It is essential that someone knows the workings of all our equipment and can help train new employees. A member of management should manage all interactions between customers, employees, and other parties. This ensures consistency in customer service, food quality, and speed. : No one is allowed to drive the cart if they are not employees. It is against the law for non-employees to operate any equipment. This rule is strictly enforced. # Before you start working, wash your hands.

Employees need to sell the product at the right price and give the correct change to customers.

Hot dogs, buns, condiments, and soda must be available to employees. Even if employees run out of certain items, they must inform customers after they have finished placing their order. All sales money will be deposited in the cash box at end of each shift or working day.

At the end of each shift, I will seal the cash box in my presence. Before sealing the cash box, please ensure that you have collected all money from customers and weighed it before sealing it. You should also ensure that every sale is recorded and counted in your accounts book before it is deposited into the bank each day. These instructions may be ignored, and you could face dismissal immediately

All sales money will be counted at the end of each day.

An employee must pay his or her own operating expenses as part of their paycheck. This includes fuel costs, food costs, and other related costs. The rate will be negotiated between the employee and the manager. All monies remaining should be held in a safe account until payday. Employees should discuss any insufficient funds with their managers before they run out of money at the end of each day or during shift accounting. The employee will be responsible for obtaining the funds from their next paycheck.

The cash box is not available for employees to borrow money.

Cash in the Hot Dog Cart’s cashbox holds sales money. This is not the place to keep your change or any other money. At least one day per week, the cash box will need to be audited. The cash box should be inspected at least once per day by employees. Orientation will inform employees and remind them throughout their employment of the responsibility for all purchases made while they are on duty. Employees can ask their coworkers to help them if they are short of cash. If it is an emergency, they can also use their personal wallet to pay for the expenses. An employee should never borrow money from coworkers, particularly if the money is in their personal wallets.

We should not make the customer feel wrong, even though they may be right sometimes.

Although hot dog sellers have to endure a lot, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t take it.¬†Don’t be intimidated to speak up if someone is being rude to you.¬†If someone is displeased with the time it took to get their hotdog or complains about your pricing they have a right of defense.¬†Be polite. You don’t want customers to think you can’t take constructive criticism. Do not take the bad behavior of others personally.¬†Sometimes it can be hard to not do this, especially when dealing with rude customers.¬†It is important to remember that customers are not reacting to you personally, but to your product or service, and how they feel about it. Although they may believe that their complaint is not related to you, remember that it is. If they had no issues with the product you sold, they wouldn‚Äôt have complained.¬†Don’t let their criticisms or insults get in the way of your work. Instead, try humoring them or putting them in their shoes.

Employees won’t sell unauthorized products to their customers at the company food cart or during work hours.

A hot dog cart should not sell unauthorized products. Management must approve any product you wish to sell while you are working at your own pace. Our customers don’t think they can show up expecting only limited-time products. We work hard to ensure that every day is special!

Let us know how we can improve

I would love to hear your ideas on how we can improve our menu and what products we should add. It is the best way to ensure that our products and services are meeting customer needs than asking them for their feedback. I welcome your feedback, as well as any other staff members. We are always looking to improve our customer service and our business. Please let us know if there is something you feel we should add! Respect your customers and coworkers at all times. We are all part of a team at (name) Hot Dogs. Every day we work together to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience.


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