Sample Inventory Reorder Form

Sample Inventory Reorder Form



Product Item





1 Regular Hot Dogs John’s Deli
2 Jumbo Dogs John’s Deli
3 Regular Buns Tina’s Bakery
4 Jumbo Buns Tina’s Bakery
5 Regular Chips 60g Costco
6 Nacho Chips 60g Costco
7 Cole Slaw John’s Deli
8 Dill Pickles Costco
9 Chopped Onions John’s Deli
10 Sauer Kraut 4L Costco
11 Grated Cheese John’s Deli
12 Reg. Mustard 4L Costco
13 Hot Mustard 4L Costco
14 Ketchup 4L Costco
15 Relish Costco
16 Mayonnaise 4L Costco
17 Red Onion Sauce 1L Costco
18 Soda – Coke Costco
18 Soda – Sprite Costco
19 Bottled Water Costco
20 Snapple Costco
21 Forks Costco
22 Napkins Costco
23 Foil Bags Restaurant Supply
24 Take Away Bags Costco
25 Hand Soap Costco
26 Bleach Costco



We bring decades of real-life hot dog hot dog slingin’ experience! We design carts that we have loved and used for years and are confident you will feel the same way.  


Each cart is assembled by our team of skilled craftspeople and thoroughly inspected before it leaves our manufacturing facility. 



We are available 24/7 to support you in your new business venture. Our warranty / extended warranty are the best in the business and will give you the extra security you may need when making this exciting investment.